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Carmen's Lactating Visitor

Lesbian SexFetish

After Carmen had had Ed's and Cheryl's baby she nursed the boy until they came and got their son. I had been turned on watching that baby suck milk from Carmen's tit and my thoughts went to a friend of mine whose wife had also just given birth and was lactating as was Carmen. I called Phil up and mentioned to him that Carmen's tits were still loaded with milk after Cheryl had taken the baby and wondered if Phyllis might be interested in getting together with Carmen for a little girl on girl fun. Phyllis was also bi and I was sure she'd jump at the chance to be with Carmen as they had met once… Read more

Posted by railfannut 12 minutes ago 27

Naughty (English version!)

HardcoreLesbian SexAnal

Prolog (Please forgive me my bad English!) This Story is a purely fictional Story, based on an Idea from my xhamster Friend Sophie. (Sophie) A small ready-to-wear clothing store will close its doors. The manager, a woman of about fifty, red-haired, with a body still well preserved by the vicissitudes of time. The manager, Charlotte, wears a dark gray skirt under which she wears stockings held in suspender belt. Charlotte loves to wear lingerie for any occasion, to feel beautiful and sexy. Today she also decided not to wear panties and bras. It turns him on a lot. But suddenly, as she prep… Read more

Posted by Charlotte0P 12 minutes ago 12

Public Sex


In my mid-twenties, I was dating a girl in her early twenties, who I’ll call Sarah. She was tall, with gingery blonde hair, blue eyes and gorgeous pert boobs. She was the closest thing to a nymphomaniac I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. We’d been dating for a few years and, as you do at that age, we’d made promises to take it in turns to act out each other’s fantasies. One of Sarah’s fantasies was to have sex in public, she wanted people to watch us. I was nervous about this one, but a promise is a promise. So, we started on a mission to have full sex in public with strangers watchi… Read more

Posted by Daffy321uk 12 minutes ago 23 100%

The Rise of Don Equis


On a Friday, the week of America's Birth of Independence in the year of 2017. With the confusion as to "what the fuck" and "why in the World". With the nothing new, same shit here as it is out there. Screw it all, pop a pill Fuckitall, And keep it moving. Anyways let keep the story going, I was just doing my usual thing. Going thru the list of Models Online. Some enjoy the visit, In which I never truly stay long in order to not hold her up. Other just like sending me the fuck off. as I continue just tossing throwing Tokens left to right and all around. as I pondered with myself deb… Read more

Posted by DonEquis 1 hour ago 63

The bottom slut maker

HardcoreShemale PornInterracial Sex

''please please let me go'' ''sir plz let me go '' ''pleaaaasssseeeee'' how did we endup there ? i look to my left and right my school friends like me hand and legs chained together on this big tabble one by one help agaisnt a leather square thing starting to move out a cock in our naked ass ''pleasssse wtf your doinggggg ahhhhhhh '' all 3 little teen boys in holidays with the school , waking up on that table in the dark a big glass on the ceilling making us see all 3 ass being poked open by thar cock getting out the leather box ''noooo noooo onot that'' we all got our pretty white a… Read more

Posted by kylefuckyou 1 hour ago 159


Interracial SexLesbian SexFirst Time

A story about one families bid to conquer Boston’s Elite A Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van. (Please read previous chapters to get maximum enjoyment). Chapter 4 - Taking control. At 1045AM the morning after her son Aaron had spent the night fucking Stella Harris Michelle Jackson stood in front of the mirror in her dressing room. She had chosen to wear thin zip up tennis dress for her little trip over to see Stella Harris. Stella’s passion was tennis, the white fabric looked good against her toned black skin, it was short, which showed off her long legs and most of a… Read more

Posted by TedsTales 1 hour ago 39

Hucow brothel

TabooFetishGroup Sex

Devon was the owner of a brothel that was known far and wide for entertaining just about any sexual fantasy a man could dream up. He was a shrewd businessman with a good reputation. He treated his customers right, he treated his working girls right. His creativity helped maximize both his profits and his customer's pleasure. He offered both the basic and the elaborate. He always had fresh, new ladies ready to please for those who craved variety. He arranged "party packages" of ladies to entertain at private events. He catered to those who wanted to dominate or be dominated. He could arrange r… Read more

Posted by JonasNilsen 2 hours ago 365 100%



Contrary to what you might have been told, Purgatory is not a waiting room. You do not measure each sin in decades, serving a lonely sentence that’s proportionate to your crimes. If it were, she’d have left by now. Instead, in this place that is not about waiting, she relives her sins. It starts with theft – the kind that you’d think were forgiveable. A thick, purple lipstick that dazzled her five-year-old self. She reached out, smeared the test stick on her hand, then slipped it into Mum’s handbag. In life it earned her a neat, sharp smack, but here she repeats it more than two dozen times… Read more

Posted by hotamankumar 2 hours ago 148 100%

I turned my woman into a naughty vixen :-)

First TimeVoyeurTaboo

Walking through the door to my apartment after work, I find my married girlfriend quickly coming from the balcony, and slipping her bikini top back on, and with a guilty smile. I instantly suspect she actually just sent a lover over the balcony, and that she was having an affair! Of course, this sent a rush of excitement through my body, as I ask her what the hell she was just doing. She just laughs, as I rush to the balcony and outside, which hangs near an outfield homerun fence to a ball field. A team of young adults are having batting practice and a pair of guys are shagging near the fence… Read more

Posted by abovethedeadcom 2 hours ago 1 399 100%

A new life style

BDSMLesbian Sex

One night after being married for over 15 years, my husband and my sex life had all but dried up, fixing a wonderful meal of what he likes, dressing up in a black see through evening gown, showing off my more then ample tits and the pussy shaved as well as being moist from the anticipation of him coming home, I was a little bit more then surprised when he walked in, took one look at me, sat down at the table, “Aren’t you cold in that flimsy outfit, you should put something on that is warmer?” Fire was in my eyes, storming out… Read more

Posted by usemenow2906 3 hours ago 716 75%

Loving Zee

MatureInterracial Sex

When I met Zee back in 2014, I was in a bad place. A really bad place. The year prior, my marriage of 13 years had broken down and I was caught up in a really messy divorce. That's an understatement. My ex and her shark of a lawyer took me to the fucking cleaners. She got everything: house, car, both cats, most of out joint accounts, and some property we owned together. I was lucky to walk away with my clothes, my laptops, and my bicycle. She got everything else. Because she got all of that, I was able to avoid paying alimony. All I had was a few grand in the bank and a small apartment I'd o… Read more

Posted by fyrewalker1975 3 hours ago 381

Sponge bath


I'm bed ridden at home and require a health care worker to come and look after me each day. I had a fall off my motorbike having multiple breaks in several bones mainly both arms and legs. Today the lady who usually looks after me is away. A nice young girl has come to look after me. She is perspiring in the heat her blouse has wet spots. My wife left the door open with the sun shining in I am feeling rather warm myself. Maybe it is looking at the nurse porn on xhamster. The nurse Solitaire. Who names their k**s these strange names. Solitaire comes in with a bucket of water and a sponge like… Read more

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First TimeLesbian Sex

Summer Summer breaks could be lonely. This one after my first year in high school was no different. Mom was always working and my brother was never home. Today was a good one, my friend Kim meet me at the community pool. She talked a lot when she was nervous. Today was one of those days sitting under the umbrella next to me, she was talking not stop. Half listening I watched a small lizard zip by. She stopped talking, looked over and saw she was crying. “Relax Kim, there is no one around and I'm your friend.” That's when she blurted out “I really like you.” A million things rushed into my min… Read more

Posted by Kblond37 4 hours ago 2 663 100%

My wife is my fantasy.

Group SexHardcoreTaboo

I was in my office at home working when my wife came in and said she had been to the nude beach and was back at the car getting her clothes from the back seat when a stranger walked up behind her grabbed her arse and pushed his finger into her pussy. I asked Wendy if he hurt her she said no, he just fingered her for a few seconds pulled his finger out and sucked it. My wife is very open-minded and is a very sexual woman, I have watched her on many an occasion getting massaged by strangers, or taking cock and cum from strangers it turns her on, I find it hot to watch and at the end of the day I… Read more

Posted by sainthamster 4 hours ago 949 100%

Housewives and Cheerleaders, Chapter 93

BDSMGroup SexLesbian Sex

Tuesday morning Annalise got a message from Janice inviting her to yoga class that afternoon. At first she was hesitant; she was a little embarrassed at the way she’d been degraded by Lexi, Ana, Janice, and Ella, and at what a willing participant she’d been. But thinking of it she felt her pussy began to moisten, and she knew that there was no way she could refuse the invitation. Janice used one of her guest passes for Annalise, who set up in a space between Janice and Ella. Looking around at the class, which was made up of women of all ages, all of them beautiful in their own way, Annalise f… Read more

Posted by adonlibere 4 hours ago 120 100%

My Sster

HardcoreFirst Time

On Thursday afternoon I was running up the path that led to my house, it was raining quite a bit so I was in quite a hurry to get in, take my clothes off and have a nice warm bath. My mom was going to pick me up like she usually did, but was unable to pick me up, due to her being called into work. After fiddling with the keys, I finally managed to get into the house. I quickly slipped my sneakers off and dropped my bag by the fire, in the hope that it would dry out. I then proceeded down to the basement, dropping my wet clothes off in the laundry bin. I then walked up stairs to my room, my coc… Read more

Posted by JulianRoberts1808 5 hours ago 1 2,135 100%

Making a Whore - part 1 - The Meeting


I woke up remembering what I great time I had in Vegas at the swingers club. They made me so horny that I had to write about what happened next. I'll start with my Sunday conversation with Ken, who I met at a Vegas convention, had days of wonderful sex, and took me to this venue to expand my sexuality. I was still such a novice and very inexperienced. Ken was very concerned about how I was feeling after 14 guys had their way with me; so we talked back and forth for over an hour. I told him how very sore I was and now worried that I might have caught something. He suggested going to get check… Read more

Posted by kat4showw 5 hours ago 375 100%

My first real cocks

First Time

I was always attracted to men and cocks from an early age I loved pussy and women but also loved cocks and would always look at men when in gym class and showering. I never had a large cock very average maybe 5-6” when hard and remember looking at some of the big cocks I gym shower and wondering what it would feel like sucking or having it deep in my ass. After I got married all of that kind of disappeared and I was into pussy big time because my wife was good in bed at least for the first few month and then that disappeared and I started to think about men again. One day my SIL came over to o… Read more

Posted by crossdresser55 6 hours ago 1 846 91%

Sensual housemate

First TimeHardcore

I moved to town some time ago. Didn't really know it beforehand, no friends here, no family, no job connections, nothing. Just a place for a fresh start. I rented a room in a house with a number of other rooms like mine. Agency rent, rather scruffy and overpaid but good for time being. I was single back then, fairly desperate to meet a lady and relax together. It took me a few weeks to find out in a room above lived one girl. Foreigner, just like me, yet with excellent English and Scandinavian accent that makes her speech sound more correct and melodic than natives living next door. Her name w… Read more

Posted by teodorkania 6 hours ago 692 100%

Meeting Alex

First TimeShemale Porn

It was the first day of school. I was sitting in the back of my homeroom, reading a novel. My only friend was in a different class and because I was never the most outgoing guy, I never made the effort to make more. I'd had plenty of acquaintances. Having the best grades in class, most people came to me when they needed help with classwork. I knew a few of them by name but not well enough that I felt comfortable starting a conversation with them. I didn't pay her any attention when she sat down next to me. I just figured she'd wanted to sit in the back as well. "What are you reading?" Marking… Read more

Posted by NewNormal_Is_NoRules 6 hours ago 1 392 100%