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I am such a slut....13

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Day by day I am becoming more feminine. I can now notice the changes when I look at myself in the mirror. A big step was getting my hair professionally done. Yes, it was a bit embarassing going into the salon, but the ladies treated me so nice, laughing and sharing stories, some telling me that they would like to fix me up with their husbands. But properly cut and colored and styled, it made me look so very feminine. And while I was there I had my fingernails done as well. A wonderful manicure with new nails, light pink. But an even bigger step was my beginning to take hormones. I could see my… Read more

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Horny Fridagirl as ever


These stories are from my head, but I am sure there is a truism about these imaginary encounters. I started fantasising around thirteen, after I had discovered the joys of masturbation, two years earlier, when I hit puberty. Whenever I hit ovulation I would go somewhere, not to be discovered, and get naked and add the fear of discovery to my masturbation. Later after indulging in porn, I found my ability to imagine things happening to me, and then start acting them out with older men, incredibly exciting and sexually gratifying. It was then I started touching men and letting them touch me. Af… Read more

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Cracked out and horny


Gloria was always up for a fuck if you brought the crack and the great thing was that if you had the funds she'd let you smoke until her crack dealer arrived. She was one of the few crackwhores that I knew that could control her urges.She'd save some for later, when you showed up. The good thing was that 45 minutes after you arrived, you'd have a good buzz on and then the good stuff would arrive. She also didn't mind pulling up her top and pulling down her pants and thong so you could see her tits and shaved pussy, though it might not have been shaved for a couple of days. I always insisted… Read more

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Tracy and Dad - Chapter One


John was working in his office when Tracy got home from school. He heard the front door open and called out, “Tracy is that you?” “Yeah it’s me,” she answered. She walked down the hall to her dad’s office and stuck her head in. “What’s up?” “Not much,” John replied looking up from his laptop. “Waiting for a call and catching up on my emails. How was school?” “Boring. Glad it’s over.” “Any homework?” “A little math but that’s it.” “Well better get it done. Let me look at it when you’re finished,” he said. “Alright,” Tracy said. She turned and headed off to her room. John went back to his email… Read more

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Dave – A Stop at the Pub


I was up my usual time and the smell of fresh coffee filled the kitchen when a bleary eyed Florence walked into the kitchen taking baby steps trying to wake up, she plonked herself down at the table and looked up at me, “Morning Davie” she sighed softly and I was thinking that the smoke last night hit her hard. I poured her coffee and she had her head bowed inhaling the caffeine fumes. She finished her coffee and had perked up considerably and she was ready for her shower and as she got up from the table she glanced down at my bulging shorts, “Do you get that EVERY morning Dave?” she asked wi… Read more

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Ever see another man face fuck your wife?


This happened on our first wife sharing experience after Monica had sex with an american sailor some few weeks before, read the story. After ages of bedtime fantasy talk and especially Monica's encounter with the sailor it was time to take the plunge and finally invite another man to join us for a threesome. I would get to live out my fantasy of seeing my wife fucked by another guy and joining in and her to experience another man. What took place wasn't how we expected things to play out but never the less, we both enjoyed the encounter much to my suppress. Eric was masterful with Monica and h… Read more

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Marina Makes Maiden Mine: Tablaux Troupe

First TimeBDSMTaboo

Marina Brfouwer is mijn gast-auteur in het buitenlands: Alemanisch - Bausenländisch - Catalán - Duits - Engels Frans - Grieks (oud) - Hongaars (zelden) - Interzonaals Keltisch - Latijn - Marxist-Manx - Normandisch - Oss's Paradijs - Questios - Ripualisch - Slovaaks - Teutoons Uzbeks - Valencián - Walon - Ypers én Zuid-sexslaafs ! MAIN NARRATOR IS MARINA BREWERP: BRUNETTE BB-BOOB PERVERSE PERFECT BI-SEXUAL AS BI-LINGUAL WHO IS INFORMALLY INTIMATE INITIATRIX IN MY 'A.A.A.' EXPERIMENTAL EROTIC ESSAY POUR PÉTITES NOIRS ET BLANCS - QUAND 'MEME JAUNES JEUNES EURASIATIQUES FILLES AGÉES… Read more

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Michael's Weekend of Destiny

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Michael Scott was sat at his desk looking out of the third floor window of his office. He could see Portsmouth Guildhall which was a large building built around 1900 or so and unlike the 1960's style of the Civic Offices it was quite gothic looking.It was a medium sized venue for music and theatre but most importantly he could see the large clock on the tower and it was getting close to 4pm and it was Friday. Michael was happy because he could leave behind the very grey and dull world of Environmental Health and enjoy the weekend. It was his thirty third birthday on Saturday and… Read more

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CHAPTER 52A: PRE-HOLIDAYS WITH FRIENDS By the time Helen and Marie returned home, Tim, Mom and I had decided to go to bed. I was still awake, waiting. Knowing Mom, she was, too; but it wasn’t really obvious. I was cuddled into her back and she to Tim’s side and I did feel a deep exhale from her when I heard the door to the garage open and close and their voices and giggles coming down the hall. I heard the door to our room being opened further and then slightly closed, as they seemed to check on us before going to be… Read more

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Blowing my bully

BDSMFirst Time

This happened to me and proves there is a lot of truth to the “alpha" "beta" “sissy” thing. And there is a reason there are so many big cock alpha fantasies with betas and sissies. I was friends with this guy Kyle because he lived close to me and knew one another from school. Even though we were friends, he was more of the alpha bully type toward me. I had started to spend the night at his house some and after I had done so for a while, one of the things he would start doing is sneaking Plaboys and magazines like that and sometimes porn tapes he'd taken. We would check them out and watch them… Read more

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CHAPTER 51B: MARIE COMES FOR A VISIT, PART 2 The next morning found me waking before her and I was successful in extricating myself without waking her. She did find us shortly afterwards, though, all gathered in the kitchen. She came out wearing a robe I dug out of the closet for her if she wanted it. The rest of us were naked, including Tim. Tim seemed to have made the decision since Key West that our acceptance of nudity and being challenged in exhibitionistic situations deserved an adjustment to hi… Read more

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Crossdressing for sex

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The act of crossdressing for sex is incredibly arousing. It gets me in the mood for the debauchery to come and allows me to come Brooke the cock loving whore. Even having been dressing for over twenty years, I still look forward to it. Adding to the experience I like to dress while my lover waits in another room. I want them to sit there thinking about what I am doing, what I’m putting on, what I will look like when I enter the room. I want their imagination to flow, and I want their cock throbbing with anticipation. I never dress exactly the same each time so in truth they’re never sure exact… Read more

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Back with steve after lockdown

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Well it has seemed like an age due to lockdown but back visiting my black lover steve but musnt complain as health and safety is paramount. Visited last saturday and cant believe the session we had. I prepared for hours to get ready as i wanted everything to be perfect and chose the outfit that steve likes as he insists on being my master and im his sissy faggot. Put on my thong with matching basque suspenders black stockings and a skin tight latex dress then heavy makeup with ruby red lipstick. Luckily was not very warm so put light raincoat over my outfit to drive to his flat when i arrived… Read more

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The Damme meets the Stallion-2nd part

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For the origin of the family 'dynamic' of the 5 sisters and their attitudes toward men, we need only go back in the 1930's and 40's to an isolated farm. Almost all the able bodied men have left, women have taken the man's place in the farms and factories. Women are also training to ferry planes to both coasts as production ramps up. The radio broadcasts and newspapers are mostly stories of war and stock market crashes. No strangers to depression and scarcity then, war rationing is back like a mooching relative, come to stay indefinitely. The menial labor like harvesting crops is performed by w… Read more

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My 2nd meeting with mature Debbie

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Following on from my previous meeting with Tony and Debbie. Two weeks had passed since my first meeting with Tony and Debbie I was sitting at home watching TV when the phone rang.."hi Steve, its Debbie, Tony and I loved our meeting so much and would love to see you again, but first, I want to see you alone, can you make this Saturday, Tony is out and I have a surprise for you?" Without hesitation, I readily agreed and arranged to go to her house at 7pm. I can't begin to tell you how perfect this lady was, 55 years old, classy, demure and elegant. You know the type, you see them at the super… Read more

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A pair of black businessmen for me...

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Some girls from the office invited me to a night out on Friday, to celebrate the end of a long and hard week at work. Since my beloved hubby was out of town on his own business trip, I thought that nobody was waiting for me at home, so I decided to join the girls. We were getting pretty loud and laughing at the third bar we visited. Most of the girls were single; but the married ones were just looking at the guys and easy flirting with them. But our aim for the night was to have fun, not to pick up men. I was getting a nice relax and ordered myself a glass of red wine. I noticed a couple… Read more

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Fun inside the ladies' room...

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That night I was home alone; so my girlfriends invited me to go out. Some of them recommended me to dress sexy, since we would go to a brand new bar and Laura had found out that we could pick up some handsome black men there… I decided to wear a very short black skirt with garters and stockings. A little tight tank top and red bra showing my nice boobs. Of course I completed my sexy outfit with a pair of stilettos, that made my legs look even longer and sexier. We finally got to the new club and sat down, asking for drinks. That night I felt very aggressive, since I was really horny and full… Read more

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After a hard day at the office...

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I had surfed through a truly hard and bad day at office. Everything had gone wrong from early morning; the coffee machine got broken; my secretary was in her second period day and she was totally upset; my slutty Boss was even worse with her own period; a dumb coworker had tried to fuck me in the bathroom and he had ended with a hard kick in his balls… and the worst news were that my beloved hubby called me to say he would leave in less than an hour, since he had an emergency trip outside of town. I managed to survive during afternoon and finally I was able to close all computer files and wav… Read more

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Would she be a gurl ????

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I was spending my third night out of town, supporting a very bad stressing business trip. Worst of all, I was horny as hell, since I had not fucked my sensual Ana in those days. On the other hand, I was pretty sure that my sexy babe would be now in her Black Master’s bed, being fucked in a very wild way. That bastard nigger would also fuck her in that nice tight ass… After having some light meal for dinner, I went back to my hotel. I was really tired and just wanted a relaxing warm shower and some fresh bed sheets. I had another heavy day tomorrow… Once I entered the main lobby at the hote… Read more

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First Time At An Adult Book Store M/M

Gay MaleFirst Time

It hadn’t been a month since I turned 18 and there were two things I was aching to do. At that time the drinking age was 18 so I wanted to buy some beer at the liquor store and the second thing I wanted to do was go to an adult bookstore. There was one two towns away. About 30-mile drive. And so one Saturday I got up the nerve to go and took a good shower and put on clean clothes and brushed my teeth. I still have the pair of tan corduroy jeans and tank top I had worn. I decided not to put on any underwear. About 10 miles from my house was the first little town and they sold beer so I pulled… Read more

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